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Our Company

At Financial Architects of Hawaii, our world-class service maintains the same standard for all of our clients: the very best. Through all market conditions, we strive to simplify the complexities of your financial life so you can take charge of your future. While applying the personalized attentions only a boutique firm can provide, we have access to the best investment products from the world’s leading institutions.

Our Commitment

Our mission is to forge a strategic partnership built on your best interests and driven to accomplish your most ambitious goals. As a company, we uphold a commitment both to our clients and our local community. While conducting our business affairs with uncompromising ethical standards, we dedicate ourselves to serving and enhancing the world around us.

Through our philanthropic endeavors, educational seminars and involvement in community affairs, we strive to make Hawaii a better place to live. Our charitable efforts also extend beyond our borders. Since 2010, we have financially adopted children around the world through Compassion International. Clients of Financial Architects of Hawaii not only contribute to Compassion International, but align with other organizations dedicated to serving underprivileged people, include Living Water, Life International and more. When clients work with us, they become our philanthropic partners around the globe.

Our Principle

Relationships have always been at the heart of our practice. Though the financial world is in a constant state of evolution, one element remains crucial to success: the ability for advisors to truly understand and fulfill the needs of their clients. After diligently considering your long and short-term objectives, risk tolerance and protection needs, we then build tailor-made strategies to help fulfill your goals.

We also believe communication is key to success, and we understand that the most pressing financial and personal matters rarely fall within business hours. That’s why we place a premium on client communication beyond the limits of the 9 to 5. Whether you meet with us in person or prefer to conduct everything through our online platform, we’re happy to meet your needs.